How to ghosting Windows 78 Windows 16 with UniKey

UniKey is a very rational and necessary freeware utility, based on the hard hitting but discontinued Symantec Norton Ghost .x equivalent of its Windows desktop Graphical user interface. With which you can backup and / or restore any partition such as for the OS partition or the whole really tough disk under x by , WinPE, DOS, with the just oneclick, and all of the other things is natural. https://taichua.com/download-unikey-4643 supports hard drive installation brought on by ISO file, CDDVD or maybe a GHO format image manually record in the USB splash disk; supports multidrive, mixture hard drives IDE SATA SCSI, mixed partitions Human body fat FAT NTFSexFAT, not issued drive letter partition, build letter confusion, hidden partition and staggered nonWindows partition; supports multisystem and this situation of Windows was actually not installed in first partition of those first hard disk.

Moreover, it can even now detect any hidden partition of the PC brands, and more! Just remember, be aware of an existence of UniKey, your company will feel as when had found out some kind of treasure. Key Features Those default core of Ghosting is . . and Ghost versions can always be customized The program might do the Backup & Restore operations to unquestionably the partition of the system by default, but then you can select former partitions The program is often portable and nonspyware, could not leave any transitory files to the unit When backup, you should certainly choose the compression method, customize the size coming from all Subvolumes, and the implication options are Fast & No Split When restore, if you check this particular Ghost , it be prompted whether to examine the integrity of this particular GHO mirror You can easily search the existing GHO, ISO image files on the hard disk as documented in the conditions, and getting this done supports drag and put When restore, you possibly can ignore the CRC checksum of the Ghost image file You can make use of this program to undo earlier operations Support directly while using Ghost to clone all the partition under Windows, WinPE In the address pub dropdown box of some sort of Ghost image file, discover manually enter a habit path to the artwork file In the door installation options, you can predetermined the default created Spirit directory whether deformity & hidden, and you also set the last partition to hide or indicate